We won $20k!

We won $20k!

Who knew that FedEx, our shipping company of choice, was on the prowl to give away $230,000 to ten of the most compelling small businesses? And what are the chances that Tandem Drums – a humble startup in a niche industry – would rise to the top of their list of 4,000 potential winners?

Well guess what? That's exactly what happened. We were shocked and delighted when we got the news last week that we won the 2024 FedEx Small Business Award! We were also sworn to secrecy until they made the official announcement today. 

The award comes with a bunch of business perks, as well as a whopping $20,000 cash prize. We're trying to decide how to spend it:

A: On cymbals?

B: Divide it up equally among all of our web store customers?

C: Reinvest in product development?

D: Mystery

Let us know what you think.

More importantly, what we love about this award is that it represents validation from the outside world that we're building something of value. That makes us want to double down on the care and craftsmanship that we put into everything we do. Thanks for being on the journey with us.





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