Drops vs Moongels drum dampeners

How do Drops compare to Moongels for drum dampening?

Drops vs Moongels


Drops use gravity to create an active gate effect on the drums. Unlike tape, gels, or other adhesives, Drops "bounce" off of the drum head to let the full frequency of the drum speak, landing back down within milliseconds to reduce the decay of overtones. The heavier the weight of Drops, the more aggressive the dampening will be.

Moongels have a sticky surface that adheres to the drum head, stopping the drum from vibrating. This reduces the frequencies that the drum can emit, and causes a dampening effect.

Drops vs Moongels


Drops are handmade from recycled felt, recycled steel (ball bearings), and a molded rubber tab that both grips the tension rod and provides a push-on / pull-off handle. Drops are durable and reusable, and can last for years with proper care.

Moongels are die cut from a slab of sticky synthetic material. The chemical make-up is unknown, but they claim to be nontoxic. Moongels start to break down when exposed to heat, or the natural oils of fingers or skin contact. The sticky surface also collects lint and hair. Because of this they are considered a disposable item with a short lifespan.

Drops vs Moongels


Drops start at $14.99 for the 40g weight, with the heaviest 200g model at $19.99.

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Moongelscan be purchased for about $10 for six squares.

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