Drops vs Snareweight drum dampeners

How to Drops compare to Snareweight drum dampeners?

Drops vs Snareweight


Drops use gravity to create an active gate effect on the drums. They are designed for simplicity, with no moving parts. Drops feature a molded silicone tab that makes them easy to push-on and pull-off any standard tension rod, while keeping them firmly in place.

Snareweight uses a combination of spring metal clips and magnets to attach a flap of leather to the drum rim. The leather flap can be folded to decrease the amount of dampening. Some models use an additional weight to apply more pressure on the drum head.

Drops vs Snareweight


Drops are handmade from animal-free (vegan) materials: recycled felt, recycled steel (ball bearings), and a molded rubber tab that both grips the tension rod and provides a push-on / pull-off handle. Drops are durable and reusable, and can last for years with proper care.

Snareweight dampeners use a strip of dyed leather, several magnets, and spring steel clips. some models include a heavy milled brass weight with a locking mechanism to attach to the drum's hoops. The moving parts are durably constructed.

Drops vs Snareweight


Drops start at $14.99 for the 40g weight, with the heaviest 200g model at $19.99.

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Snareweight dampeners range from $19.90 for the M1b model, to $154.00 for the Brass Pro Lock model.

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