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Drops set of 4

Drops set of 4

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A set of all four Drops™ (4 pcs total), one of each weight: 40g / 60g / 120g / 200g

Drops™ are a new way to enhance drum tone without gels or adhesives. Use them on toms and snares. Mix and match different weights to dial in your sound. Drops attach to any standard tension rod by a molded silicon tab. Designed by Tandem Drums in California. (Patents pending)


  • Recycled felt
  • Recycled steel
  • PVC-free
  • Animal-free (vegan)
  • Plastic-free packaging
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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
David O.
They work!

I've been searching for the perfect sound from my snare and have used gels and rings in the past. I really like these drops! Easy to use and they release reduce the overtones.

Zach E.
Great Addition

These are a great addition to the variety of drum dampening options that are out there. They may not be perfect for every situation, and I would recommend using your ears and best judgement as to when and where to use them. That being said, I have them on my kit right now and prefer the sound I am getting with them compared to my many other dampening solutions.

G. H.
Love the idea, but the price ...

This is definitely a great idea, but the fact is that Rem-Os or similar products give results that are better at a much lower price. The way they're constructed (i.e. the relative inflexibility and shorter length of the rubber mount) means that if you have tall rims the lighter Drops are barely heavy enough to drop onto the head with much contact. So, if you're looking for more than just the tiniest bit of dampening you'll need to use the heaviest ones -- for example, to get the same effect on my snare as one Rem-O hoop I had to use the 200g Drop. The four-pack gives you an idea of relative dampening of each size but of course it's only one each -- after that you've got to buy multiples of whatever size you think you need, which could get expensive quick. Recommend somewhat more flexible rubber content in the mount, or perhaps a little longer mount for folks with taller rims.


Yo dots is really the the dope I really think that they are very good you don't have to use no mojo today they help the snare drum out a lot The times they do help out a lot but mainly for the snare drum like I think that they are mind-blowing

Skippy D.
Hold Up! Wait a minute!

I plan on using them on my 1rst kit. But I'm playing my 2nd kit right now. But I'll check them out, okay? Give me just a little more time ( pun intended).