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Goodbye, gels

Gels and adhesives create a sticky mess. They also choke the drum head. Our drums deserve better.

Say goodbye

Hello Drops™

Drops are durable and reusable. They attach to standard tension rods with a molded silicone tab. Use them across your kit to dial in your drum tone.


Mix & match

Drops come in four different weights – 40g / 60g / 120g / 200g. Use lighter weights to fatten up the drums, and heavier weights for a tighter, dryer tone.

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Easy on/off

Drops grab on to standard tension rods. Press to attach, pull to remove. (Patent pending)

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Active gate design

Drops are designed to control overtones while letting the drum's natural tone come through. Rather than adhering to the drum head, they vibrate with it.

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Award winning

Drops earned the "Projects We Love" award on Kickstarter, and went on to raise 8x the original funding goal.

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Trusted team

Drops are designed in California by Daniel Kushner, founder and creator of MONO, the world renown luggage and travel accessories brand.

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Can I hear a demo of how Drops actually sound?

Yes. Go to the Drops™ home page and scroll down to the Play Demo section and hit "play" on the video there. Headphones recommended.

Which Drops go on which drums?

Drops are meant to mix and match on your kit. Play around with different weights on each drum to get the tone you're looking for. Generally speaking, the heavier Drops provide a tighter, dryer sound, while the lighter Drops provide a fatter sound. Get the tone you want. No rules.

Can I use Drops on my toms?

Yes. Drops sound great on toms. We like using the 200g "wallet" on the floor tom, and the little 40g or 60g on the rack tom. Experiment and have fun.

Are Drops compatible with all drums?

No. This iteration of Drops is designed for drums with standard steel hoops, including triple flanged and die-cast hoops. Drops aren't designed for wood hoops. Also, vintage Sonor drums with those larger slotted tension rods are not compatible with the current design. We'd like to support wood hoops and vintage tension rods in the future, because they're pretty sweet.